Student Competencies

Competencies Required for Graduation


Communication, Advocacy, and Self-Expression

I can write and speak effectively to express my ideas, to inform others, and to advocate for change. (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can use digital tools to engage in learning, citizenship, and professional growth, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and online tools (research tools, email, website design, online meetings, etc.) (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can analyze my identity as a combination of personal uniqueness, family belonging, cultural tradition, and shared history (of Annapolis, Maryland, the US, and the world). (Gateway 1)


I can conduct credible research, in collaboration with others and individually, to assemble and communicate a body of knowledge on a topic of interest to me. (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can make a genuine contribution to the Annapolis Community, by identifying, investigating, problem-solving, and taking action to address a community need.  (Gateway 1 and 2)


Character and Leadership

I can contribute to the New Village Academy community by consistently acting as crew, not as a passenger – carrying my weight when collaborating with my crew and project teams, supporting others in their struggles, and taking responsibility for repairing damage when I make mistakes.  (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can exhibit exemplary Habits of Character in two or more of the following areas: integrity, courage, tenacity, collaboration, and responsibility and show proficiency and maturity in all 5 Habits of Character. (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can exhibit exemplary Habits of Mind in two or more of the following areas: perspective-taking, inquiry, innovation, craftsmanship, and communication, and show proficiency and maturity in all 5 Habits of Mind. (Gateway 1 and 2)

I can effectively use the skills of mindfulness to monitor and regulate my emotions and become more self-aware in my relationships with others. (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can demonstrate leadership by designing a project of genuine interest to me, assembling a team, leading research, leading implementation, and leading reflection on the project. (Gateway 2)


Life Proficiencies and Career Path 

I can choose a viable career pathway based on my interests, strengths, and a variety of experiences. (Gateway 1 transition)

I can exhibit exemplary workplace professionalism in LTI placements in my chosen field of interest. (Gateway 1 and 2)


I can develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences to prepare myself for a post-secondary college or career pathway that results in financial stability and connects my strengths, my interests, and my life goals.  (Gateway 2)


I can create a financial plan for my future, identifying estimated income sources in my career path and estimated expenses and savings at age 25, 45, and 65. (Gateway 2)


I can demonstrate practical life skills in finance, civic participation, and maintaining a home. (Gateway 2)


Academic Competencies

I can demonstrate the essential academic skills necessary to be a successful adult by meeting Maryland and AACPS requirements for high school graduation.

These requirements include:

o   4 credits each of Math and Language Arts

o   3 credits each of Social Studies and Science

o   0.5-1.0 credits each in Health, PE, Technology, Global Community Citizenship, and the Arts. 

I can demonstrate the ability to educate myself through five basic approaches to learning (Gateway 1 and 2)